L © The Bonau Cabbage Patch OTHER PHOTOGRAPHS... ©  All photographs copyright their respective owner. Miscellaneous photos for your enjoyment... Above: Toll Gate, Sandy Road Above: Court Farm, Pembrey Above: Cwmni Drama Group Above: Victory Parade (1945) Above: This one’s had us baffled until Kath Williams told us it was the History Project - Welsh Heritage Scheme Award (May 1997) Above: VE Day - 1945 Above: VE Day 1945 – Pwll School March – Laurence Davies (whose father was a Japanese POW and died in the far east) holding hands with  Clive Morgan in front. Above VE Day 1945 – Pwll School March – Miss Powell (with hat) and Mrs Katie Emmanuel Above: Bethlehem Chapel - 150 years celebration plate Above: Stradey Park not long after closure. (Photo Jeff Williams) Police helicopter visits Pwll Playing Fields (photos: Doug Langley) Left: The Lancashire Fusilier travelling through Pwll (Friday 13th May 2011). (photo: Doug Langley) Above: This incredible photograph was taken at the top of No1 stack Carmarthen Bay Power Station and shows Pwll in the background. Photo: Paul Clement Above: Paul Clement standing on the roof of Carmarthen Bay Power Station (November 1983)just before its closure. Pwll is in the background. Notice the experimental wind turbine. (Photo: Paul Clement) Reese & Richards Pool (Pwll) Mineral Wks Ginger Beer Bottle Rees, Richards & Williams Pool (Pwll) Mineral Wks Ginger Beer Bottle (c 1890) This bottle was recently sold on E-bay for £160