L © The Bonau Cabbage Patch CHARACTERS - 1 ©  All photographs copyright their respective owner. Above: The Rees Brothers Above: Aberystwyth c 1920 Sarah Ann Davies from Pwll in the front. Above: Lady Howard Stepney pouring tea for four generations; John Williams (93), Mrs David Hughes (70), Mrs M H Jones (47), Miss Betty Jones (22). Above: Members of Libanus Chapel (1928) Above: Pwll Senior Citizens Trip to Blackpool (Mayfair Hotel) Circa 1960 Sue the Post and Alan Richards enjoying an intimate moment (1949) Above: Easter 1954 Cast of the Childrens Musical “Ian of Windmill Land”. It was performed at Pwll Church Hall in about 1930 Above: The good times (Photo 1) Above: The good times (Photo 2) Above: The good times (Photo 4) Above: The good times (Photo 3) Above: The good times (Photo 5) Above: Anybody know? Above: Diddy and Lyn Hall with John ‘Pegs’ Above: Jeff Wheatland & Byron Bowen Above: Happy time with Muff, Wendy and John (The Blue Anchor) Above: Wendy and ‘King’ John Above: Blue Anchor Ladies Darts Team - 1970’s Above: Libanus Chapel (Photo 1) Above: Libanus Chapel (Photo 2) Above: Libanus Chapel (Photo 1) Above: Libanus Chapel (Photo 2) Above: Meg yn 97 mlwydd oed gyda’u thelu Gareth, Christine, Beth a Ray. Above: Mark James Above: ‘Pegs’ and Friends Above: ‘Pegs, John the Blue & Muff Above: The Poachers Rest Above: The Poachers Rest